BA – Helping the ATO combat Bitcoin tax scammers.

The ATO has engaged Blockchain Australia to help in the battle against scammers utilising bitcoin to con people out of their hard earned satoshi’s.

The latest battleground on this ongoing war is with the scammers accepting bitcoin in payment for the alleged ATO tax debt.

“While the ATO is concerned about scammers moving to adopt cryptocurrencies, taxpayers should remain vigilant for other versions of the fake tax debt scam. Scams demanding direct deposits into third-party bank accounts, demanding payment via iTunes cards or with a pre-paid Visa gift cards remain the most frequently reported to the ATO.”    ATO Media Release.

As always, users should be careful when dealing with anyone on the phone or online and verify any claims made against them with the government directly.

The full media release can be found at;

Tasmanian visit by Blockchain Scientist Riley Kinnunen

Blockchain Australia is proud to be working with ACS to organise a meetup at the innovation centre, Enterprize, in the Hobart CBD on Wednesday 21st of March.
Riley’s organisation has joined forces with BA Corporate Member Civic Ledger for the purposes of building an Ecosystem Exchange platform. The MVP will be heavily biased towards Carbon Credits, with allocate 1.2 million allocated after the initial ICO. It will also bring on a reef ecosystem credit, and a turtle biodiversity credit backed by CSIRO research on protection methodologies.
We hope our Tasmanian members can join us live at the event or via our You Tube Channel where we will livestream the event.

Facebook Event Details –


Blockchain Professionals – Sydney – 26th July 2017

McCullough Robertson in Sydney played host to tonights Blockchain Professionals Meetup.

Now boasting over 1500 members in the meetup group, tonights event was another sellout with over 80 attendees seeing a presentation from Rob Allen about ICO’s and then a panel discussion including Rob, Bokky Poobah, Justin Dombrowski, David Birch and Tim Lea.

The event was followed by drinks and pizza at The Metropolitan Hotel.

Great work again by the Blockchain Professional organising team Jason Williams and Adriana Belotti.

Blockchain Australia @ Linux Conf 2017

The Linux Conf 2017 has just wrapped up in the City of Hobart, Tasmania.

The Conference saw 3 days full of inspiring, educational, technical and conceptual discussions on a wide range of topics around Linux and the Open Source communities.

As the head of Blockchain Australia, an Australian based advocacy group charged with introducing and educating about the benefits of blockchain and bitcoin to a wide cross section of the community, it was a pleasure to make the trip to Hobart to do a short presentation outlining decentralisation and the role that blockchains can play in the process.

Being limited to 20mins, the presentation was a very high level view of several use cases where bitcoin/blockchain could add efficiencies to existing systems or create new systems that were previously impossible.

My presentation touched on bitcoin, Flux, smart contracts, among other things along with an interesting story about the island of Yap and the rai stones that are used as money. I my view, this was a precursor to the blockchain in the way they money was moved from individual to individual via a community meeting.

If you are interested in learning more or contributing to our efforts, please join our association either as an individual member or a corporate sponsor.

Adam Poulton



Blockchain Standards Roadmap Workshop

Australia will be hosting the worlds first International Blockchains Standards Meeting in Sydney, April 2017, on the formation of Standards around Blockchains and Digital Currencies.

Blockchain Australia Board Member Alan Tsen and Nick Addison from FinHaus Labs have been working on the submissions to date  and will be heading up the work in Australia and at the upcoming RoadMap Workshop on Feb 17th in Sydney.

The road mapping exercise is designed to identify key stakeholder issues and to develop a priority list of standards for development to support blockchain technology.

All relevant Australian stakeholders are invited to participate:
• Take the Blockchain Standards Roadmap Survey (closing date 10 February 2017)
• Attend the Blockchain Standards Roadmap Workshop (17 February 2017)

These activities will shape the Blockchain Standards Roadmap Recommendations Report to be released on 28 February 2017. The Blockchain Standards Roadmap will provide recommendations for Australia’s strategic leadership on International Blockchain Standards, by identifying issues and use cases, defining standards development work streams and developing a draft work program for consideration by the International Blockchain Standards committee ISO/TC 307.

The Standards Australia Survey of Blockchain/DLT closes in 2 days 

Please take the survey if you want to have your say on the  standards roadmap.

APAC Blockchain Conference 2017

Blockchain Australia is proud to be an Official Partner of the upcoming APAC Blockchain Conference in Sydney, 7-9th March 2017.

The theme of the three day conference is ‘Seizing the opportunities and realising the commercial potential of this revolutionary technology.’

BA members can receive discounted tickets to this event as a part of your membership. Please get in touch for the discount code.

Programs and Event times can be found at

RMIT Research into Bitcoin Adoption and Uses

RMIT has started a crowdfunding campaign to accelerate their research project aimed at discovering how and why cryptocurrencies are being used in Australia.

Information on the project and the incentive packages available to funders of the crowdsourcing can be found at this link.

Blockchain Australia will be supporting this critical research as the results can offer concise and accurate information to the bitcoin business community on the real world use cases of this new technology and will enable these businesses to tailor their business and services to the users of this technology.

The research will be headed up by Alexia Maddox (Twitter @alexiamadd) from RMIT and is the culmination of a 2 years of work to put this project together. Alexia will be joined by three other RMIT researchers in Supriya Singh, Heather Horst and Greg Adamson.

Further Reading on Alexia’s Blog Post.

Blockchain Australia, the NEW Voice of All Things Blockchain

Introducing Blockchain Australia

Continuing our advocacy efforts for all cryptocurrencies and new emerging blockchain related technologies.

The BAA has always been at the forefront of cryptocurrency advocacy since our inception in 2013.

During this time we have lead the advocacy efforts with the senate for taxation issues on cryptocurrencies in Australia, provided education to the professional sector on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and continually strive to spread the message about the potential that blockchains have to offer to disrupt, empower and create new industries.

Although we have advocated for all elements of emerging blockchain technology, our name has not fully reflected our vision. For this reason we have become Blockchain Australia, a new name and brand that is reflective of our mission and is inclusive of the numerous branches of blockchain technology that have been created, since the initial bitcoin blockchain went public in 2009.

Our board brings a wide and comprehensive range of experience in all fields of blockchain technology (from legal through to technical) to our members in the form of:

  • engaging with government on policy areas affecting blockchain businesses,
  • providing working technology solutions to various government departments,  
  • customised educational seminars,
  • partnering with prominent event organisers such as CeBit and Asia Pacific Blockchain Conference,
  • keeping the community informed,
  • connecting with regular meetups,
  • Being the voice for our members in the sector.

We look forward to continued service to our existing members and welcome new members to support our ongoing work.

Consulting Available – Tapping the BAA’s Knowledge Base

The BAA has a board consisting of several members with in-depth knowledge in several bitcoin/blockchain fields from technical, legal, accounting to educational.

We also have deep connections within the local and international bitcoin communities.

The BAA was recently commissioned to provide high level training and education on bitcoin topics to a medium sized financial services firm in Sydney.

Our team worked for several days on a complete syllabus and course outline to cover base knowledge, specific knowledge on several fields and a few highly technical workshops on specific topics.

Along with seminars, workshops and other events/projects our members are working on, we have developed a vast amount of material that is available to conduct future training and education events.

We welcome you to contact us, especially on behalf of organisations if you require specific bitcoin/blockchain related training events, on and we can discuss a specific event to fit your needs.