Bitcoin and Blockchain explained for non-technicals (RSVP’s open 3 days before)


There will be another event on the 24th that is more “technical” in nature where the EthLend guys will also be presenting.
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Aleks & Tom


• What we’ll do
This event will provide an introduction to Blockchains, Bitcoin and Ethereum. The talk will cover how these technologies came about, what they can do and what concepts do you need to understand how they work. We will also discuss what is happening in the industry and why it’s a great time to be involved in the Blockchain space.

Speaker: Jack Tanner
Jack is a passionate advocate for Blockchain Technology and loves teaching technical concepts in an understandable way. Jack is a Blockchain Developer and Cryptocurrency Specialist. He recently completed a Masters in Computer Science at Imperial College London and a previous student at The Blockchain Connector Ethereum developer workshop. He currently works as a senior blockchain developer on the Indorse platform, and has been involved in numerous blockchain projects and education events. From Brisbane, Jack is enthusiastic to share his knowledge with his home two before returning to London.