Flux – An evening with Max Kaye, Founder

Bitcoin and Blockchain Brisbane Meetup is very excited to have Max Kaye, Founder of Flux as our guest. Flux is a gateway Australians can use, to participate directly in parliament, making the need for trust in elected officials a thing of the past. Elected Flux MP’s and Senators give up their autonomy and use their votes in line with the outcomes produced by the Flux ecosystem; an ecosystem comprised of ordinary Aussies.

Max is passionate about improving the world. He is a software developer and blockchain consultant. His educational background is in science, mathematics, and information systems, and has a lifelong interest in economics, political philosophy, disruptive startups, and theory of knowledge.

Max sees immense scope for technology to empower ordinary people to properly participate in their democracy. He knows there’s a better way of doing things. He prefers to use the oxford comma.

Given the Australian Government has decided on a postal vote for the plebiscite – tonight’s discussion should be right on topic.