BLOCK PARTY ONE: The Bullpit Cryptocurrency Trading Tournament

Hey everyone! 

Regarding huge interest for the past few meetups, we’ve packed 5 nights full of industry experts, local & international speakers, sharp content and memorable memes to capture your imagination in September 2017. For the first three days events will take place at One Roof where we can offer you bigger and more comfortable event space.

In a world first, Blockchain Centre Melbourne is to host The Bull Pit Cryptocurrency Trading Tournament where competitors are given a 24-hour window to essentially take as much profit as possible. 

Traders will compete to make the largest percentage gain in the space of 24 hours. The Bull Pit is akin to the LAN parties and hackathons that predate the world of crypto, but instead of CS: GO or the next great tech start-up, participants will be grinding to generate the largest possible gains to prove their worth as Melbourne’s finest crypto day trader. 

The first Bull Pit is more of an experiment than a fully-fledged competition. Valuable prizes will be awarded, but the tournament fee is only 40AUD, making the event accessible to those new to trading, while giving the organisers a chance to develop the concept before increasing the stakes in future competitions.

Traders will use their own capital to participate in the event, making the stakes, the gains, and the losses (and probably liquidations) real. 

The event will be live-streamed from Crypto Studios, featuring all of the best banter on the trading floor and featuring interviews with local legends in the cryptocurrency scene as well as crash courses on some more advanced trading strategies and tools. 

The Bull Pit kicks off at 6pm on the 8th of September. 

You can join all the action by registering


6:00pm September 4  – Blockchain/Bitcoin 101 with Martin Davidson

6:00pm September 5 – Ethereum 101 Workshop with Tom Nash + The Alt Review

6:00pm September 6 – CryptoTraders with Matt Harry + Talk & Trade

8:30am September 7 – Blockchain in Business Breakfast with Tim Dean

7:00pm September 8  – The Bullpit Cryptocurrency Trading Tournament 


Blockchain Centre social enterprise – giving back to the community.

We kindly request a $10 donation at the entrance to this event to support Blockchain Centre’s social enterprise partner – The Big Umbrella and Bean Good Cafe. 

To find out more about the great work Justin and his team at TBU do, please visit their web page and if you work in Melbourne CBD, check out their awesome new cafe Beangood where 50% of the profits go to help tackle poverty, homelessness and food wastage in Australia and Nepal.


Thank you to Block Party One official sponsor  for making this event possible.

Coinstop is Australia’s leading Cryptocurrency hardware provider, distributing the top hardware wallets on the market. 

NORN – is a new Ai infused Smart Business System currently under development. You can find out more information by visiting their website and downloading their white paper. 

You can also ask questions to the team on their forum page –