At this month’s event, we’re talking all about SLEEP!

You spend roughly 1/3 of your life sleeping, so why not optimise your time in bed effectively to increase every aspect of your waking life. Getting consistent quality sleep improves your work performance, overall health and well-being, and even personal relationships. Similarly, sleep deprivation, which well over a third of us are deprived, can prevent you from reaching your full potential in every area of your life. 

At this Meetup, Dayne Barkley will give a short presentation explaining why sleep is so critical, what you can do to optimise your sleep with practical sleep hacks, including supplementation, apps, technology and much more, followed by a Q&A.

For more information on the perks of attending this event, please check out the Bulletproof Living Meetup Group – http://www.meetup.com/Bulletproof-Living/