[ETHx] Blockathon: The Biggest Blockchain Hackathon in Australia

ETHx = independent event

Register for the Blockathon here: https://mcichack.com/blockathon

Let’s bootstrap the Crypto-Economy!
Challenge the status quo using the hottest technology in the world.

Blockathon is a crypto-epic – 72 hour – competition that aims to tackle real world problems unleashing all the potential of Blockchain Technology. Built especially for cypherpunks, hardcore developers, crypto investors, and all Blockchain pioneers.

1) Build teams

Submit a team application (5 members max) or join a team on the registration day.

2) Solve problems

Use Blockchain Technology to solve real problems and build cool stuff with awesome people.

3) Compete

Compete for prizes, 3 months summer specialist fintech mentorship and residency out of Tyro Fintech Hub, Bokky-PooBah Blockathon cup 10+ETH! and more!!!!!!

Thanks to our great sponsors

NEM Foundation

NEM Blockchain is one of the most interesting projects to follow as it’s a smart asset platform similar to Ethereum but it employs the very energy efficient security mechanism Proof of Imprtance (PoI). It’s rather simple to develop using NEM and there are variety of ready made kits for mobile apps and cloud services that support high performance requirements Satoshi Labs

Satoshi Labs build a lot of cool stuff among which the most popular one is the Trezor Hardware wallet, which is our community’s preferred wallet. This is what you need if you’d like to get an extra level of security.
Check out Satoshi Labs website: https://satoshilabs.com/ Olympus Labs

Olympus Labs builds a decentralised, privacy preserving ecosystem of financial products, services and applications with aims to make Blockchain assets accessible to all.
Check out Olympus Labs website: https://www.olympuslabs.io/ Santiment
Our sponsor Santiment assist crypto traders navigate the market: Today’s crypto-markets are driven by crowd sentiment. Hype and fear dominate the price action. Santiment delivers clarity, with market sentiment content and datafeeds that can’t be found anywhere else.
Check out their website: https://santiment.net/ Santiment is involved in Project Transparency, a project that promotes ethical crypto project funds management through public disclosure. The aim is to get the community to self govern and encourage accountability.