Exclusive: IvyKoin ICO Chairman Ash Shilkin

6pm – Welcome Drinks

6:30pm – Presentation Starts

7:30pm – Bitcoin Perth Networking

Exclusive Opportunity to hear Ash Shilkin, Chairman of the Board of the IvyKoin ICO Project explain the unique concept of IvyKoin.  The ICO is due to launch soon, and Ash is visiting Perth to discuss this project.

Project Summary:

ivyKoin is a blockchain based cryptocurrency used for business transactions over $10,000, that embeds significant Know Your Customer (“KYC”) information and transaction specific payment information into cryptocurrency payments.

ivkKoin provides a more streamlined process for using cryptocurrencies in a business transaction that exceeds banking industry compliance for KYC and AML. Our Token will have the ability to turn on or off a transparency layer that satisfies our banking partners. In this way we open up cryptocurrency banking to more banking institutions and professional business merchants. 

ivyKoin is currently in a Pre-ICO funding phase raising capital at a 34% discount, and will look to launch the ICO in the next 60 days.


Ash is the Founder and Managing Director of ASX and OTCQX listed company Change Financial Limited (ASX:CCA, OTCQX:CNGFF). Change Financial is an award-winning FinTech banking software provider, servicing over 130,000 customers from their offices in Hollywood, California. Change Financial has 3 business verticals; direct to consumer banking, Enterprise SaaS Solutions, and is a Founding Partner of the ivyKoin Cryptocurrency Project.  Ash is serving as Chairman of the Board of the ivyKoin Cryptocurrency project. www.ivyKoin.com

Prior to Change Financial he was Chief Financial Officer of ASX listed company CO2 Australia (currently Seafarms).